The Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

As a business owner or manager, you have plenty of advertising options available to you. You can
promote your business on television or the radio, for instance. You can also buy space in a print
publication like your local newspaper or a magazine.
While those traditional forms of advertising will likely appeal to some people, many consumers will
respond even better to ads they see online. Although you may choose to promote your business with
organic or paid social media marketing, SEO, content marketing or a combination of all of them, you
shouldn’t dismiss the idea of including pay per click advertising as part of your marketing mix.
If you’re doubtful about the value of using Google Adwords or Bing Ads, you shouldn’t be. Using
Adwords can produce some key, potentially bankable results. If you’re not using pay per click as a
marketing tool, it’s probable that you’re missing out on website traffic along with revenue. To prevent
these things from happening, it’s vital for you to understand the benefits that PPC ads can provide so
you can convince yourself that PPC advertising is worth the investment of time and money.

PPC Supports Business Goals

One of the most admirable things about PPC advertising is its ability to support any kind of business goal
you might have. Whether you want people to sign up for your newsletter, complete a contact form,
share content, make a purchase or something else, PPC ads can help you motivate them to take the
action you want them to take.
No matter where people are in your sales funnel, you can use PPC ads to move them to the next stage.
This ability makes PPC a vital tool you can use to turn a prospect into a loyal customer and brand

PPC Advertising Is Trackable

If you’re tired of not being able to track the results of your marketing campaigns, you’ll be happy to
learn that PPC done through Adwords is trackable. To see how your PPC ads are performing, you simply
have to use your Adwords tool along with Google Analytics.
Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, such as using billboards or placing ads in newspapers, it’s
easy to track the exact results your PPC ads produce using Google Analytics. It’s even easier if you send
your PPC traffic to dedicated landing pages and then measure your results.
One of the best things about being able to measure the results your PPC ads are producing is that you
can track them in real-time. If a given ad is underperforming, you can change it whenever you want to
do so.
There’s no need to wait until the end of a PPC campaign to make changes to improve an ad’s results. In
fact, PPC management protocol dictates that you make changes based on your goals and the metrics
provided by Google Analytics whenever your ad can perform better as a result of the adjustments you

PPC Requires Little Startup Time

Ifyou use SEO to promote your business, you’re probably familiar with how long it can take for certain
marketing activities to pay off, if they do at all. Compared to other marketing efforts, PPC requires very
little startup time to produce results. In fact, some PPC ads can start yielding results within minutes of
going “live” on the Internet.
In addition to having the ability to produce results quickly, PPC enables you to target people outside of
the circles you’re already familiar with, something you can’t necessarily do through other digital
marketing channels like email marketing. This ability enables you to get your messages in front of a
much broader pool of prospects.

PPC Advertising Works Hand in Hand with Other Marketing Platforms

Like your other marketing channels, PPC doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Instead of looking at PPC
management as an isolated endeavor that’s limited to the darkened corridors of your office space, you
should view PPC as a valuable component of your overall marketing strategy. When you do, you’ll be
able to fully appreciate how well PPC works with your other marketing channels.
If you’re like many other business owners and managers, a significant part of your marketing budget is
probably dedicated to content marketing. You can increase the return your get on your investment in
content marketing by using Adwords to drive traffic to the original content you share on all of your
digital platforms.
PPC and SEO are like peas and carrots when it come to marketing. That’s because they typically share
the same audience. This shared audience makes the insights you gain from the performance of your PPC
ads incredibly valuable to your SEO and its ultimate success.
Just like PPC works well with many other marketing platforms, it can also be a viable alternative to more
traditional kinds of marketing. If you look at direct mail, its related costs and the length of time it takes
to produce results, for example, it’s clear why you may prefer to use PPC instead. Costing less, producing real-time results and able to reach people beyond your contact list – these are just a few of the reasons
why you may favor PPC over direct mail.

PPC Allows You to Target Your Audience Precisely

As was mentioned earlier, PPC advertising allows you to target certain audiences with great precision.
This ability is meaningful because it enables you to test different ads across various audiences and see
which earn the most exposure for your brand. You can target audiences based on keywords, past
behaviors, demographics and more. By using a mix of PPC ads, you can fully leverage Adwords to your
advantage and earn impressions while remaining focused on your target audience in every way.

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