The Importance of Social Media Marketing

The Pew Research Center began tracking social media use way back in 2005. Back then, only five percent of American adults used social media. By 2011, the number of adults in the U.S. using social media had
risen to about half of the population. Today, nearly 70 percent of adults in the United States use social
media on a regular, if not daily, basis.
If you’re involved with social media marketing, it should come as no surprise that Facebook is the most
widely used social media platform among American adults. Is should also be no surprise that many
people use other social media sites in addition to or instead of Facebook, such as Twitter, Pinterest and
For businesses in the United States and around the world, the increased use of social media by
consumers represents a huge opportunity to achieve several meaningful objectives. From building brand
awareness to creating goodwill, increasing sales and more, appropriate social media management and
engagement can help businesses across industries thrive in today’s connected, social digital

Why Social Media Marketing Makes Sense

While generating more sales and conversions may sound great, those lofty goals may simply seem
dreamy if you haven’t engaged in social media marketing or SMM yet. For you to understand why SMM
is a worthwhile endeavor, let’s look at the nuts and bolts of social media marketing.
Compared to more conventional forms of marketing, such as print ads, television commercials and radio
spots, social media advertisements are significantly less expensive. In fact, social media marketing
involves only an investment of time before you scale upward using paid advertisements, assuming you
ever do.
With traditional forms of marketing, you’re basically placing an ad in front of a large number of people
and hoping it resonates with a portion of them. You generally don’t know anything about the people who will see or hear your ad. You’re simply hoping that your investment in the ad will pay for itself
compliments of a few new or returning customers who responded to your advertisement.
Unlike conventional marketing, social media marketing allows you to target specific audiences with your
ads. You can define the audiences you want to view your social media ads using various demographic
factors, such as age, income, location and marital status. Because you can target well-defined target
audiences with social media marketing, SMM delivers a higher return on investment than traditional,
non-targeted advertising.
When you advertise in a print magazine, you have to sit back and wait to see the results your ad
produces. You can’t change your ad so that it performs better once it’s out there. In many cases, you
can’t accurately analyze the results your advertisement generates even after it’s been published for a
By contrast, social media marketing is largely quantifiable. You can use Google Analytics or another
online platform to monitor the performance of your digital ads. Based on the metrics you review, you
can revise your ads to improve the results they yield instantaneously.

Social Media’s Impact on Brand Awareness, Loyalty and Sales

If lower fees and the ability to adapt your ads based on real-time metrics aren’t enough to convince you
that SMM is worth your time, consider the following:
● 82.3 percent of chief marketing officers are reasonably confident that social media marketing increases brand awareness
● 81.5 percent of CMOs believe SMM increases brand loyalty
● 76.2 percent of chief marketing officers feel that SMM increases sales
With social media marketing, you have the invaluable chance to connect with your existing customers
and prospects on an incredibly personal level. This gives you the opportunity to learn about what they
want as well as the problems they’re grappling with. It gives you the chance to satisfy their wants and
resolve their problems as well.
What does all of that mean? It means social media marketing enables you to provide a higher level of
customer service, which can lead to increased brand awareness, loyalty and sales.
How can you provide better customer service using social media? You can monitor conversations to see
who is talking about your brand, goods or services and in what context. You can share messages and
tutorials with a broad-based audience. You can respond to questions and complaints head on.
Responding to people who comment, ask questions or complain on social media is one of the keys to
having success with SMM. More specifically, responding to social media users in a timely manner is one
of the keys to success.
More than 40 percent of people who complain on social media expect the relevant brand to respond
within 60 minutes. A quick, thoughtful response can be the difference between someone telling
everyone they know about the negative experience they had with your organization and the same
individual becoming a brand advocate.

Is Organic Social Media Marketing Worth It?

While you may already appreciate the benefits of paid social media marketing, you may be questioning
whether organic SMM is worth your time. If you’ve heard the rather disturbing stat that only four
percent of your Facebook followers will see your organic posts, you’re probably even more curious
about organic social media marketing and its value.
If you tailor your social media posts so that they’re appropriate for the platform you’re using, organic
SMM can certainly yield some significant benefits. Organic SMM is a great way to communicate your
brand’s values, for example. When you consider the number of people who actively seek out brands that
recycle, letting consumers know your values and what your brand stands for can increase the size of
your target market dramatically.
Organic social media marketing is also an effective way to validate your brand in the minds of prospects.
Organic SMM is useful when it comes to attracting talent as well. Just like shoppers may research your
brand, prospective employees might use social media to do their due diligence before they interview
with your organization.

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