Today, the market for small businesses in the digital world is highly competitive. More and more of your customers head directly to the internet when they’re looking for products and services. This means that a digital presence via a professional, well-constructed website is a necessity for brand growth.

At A2 services, we bring our expertise to the table to create web design that reflects your brand, captures attention and leverages the complex metrics of search engine ranking systems to generate growth for your business.

The Purpose of a Professional Website for Your Small Business

A great website design isn’t just about aesthetics. Long gone are the days when a site was nothing more than a visual representation, or brochure, for a business.

Today, websites perform many functions, most of which aren’t built into those do-it-yourself web development platforms. Just a few of a website’s jobs include:

  • Increasing brand visibility
  • Generate priority ranking on search engines
  • Inform users of the value you provide
  • Build trust and validation for your brand
  • Nurture customer relationships
  • Capture customer information and provide a pathway to conversions

Do you have a small business website that’s capable of doing all of this and more? If not, here’s why A2 Services is the exceptional web design company that can build a site that meets your expectations and helps you exceed growth goals.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design is a necessity for small businesses. In early 2018, Google introduced mobile first indexing. What this means for website development is that mobile optimization is no longer an option.

Approximately 57% of all online traffic in the United States comes from mobile devices, and when asked, nearly half of people say they would rather give up a day off from work every week than hand over their smartphones.

It was probably numbers like these that encouraged Google to push forward with their mobile first indexing, which prioritizes sites with mobile optimized pages in search results. Basically, Google ranks mobile sites first before it even considers those that aren’t.

As a small business, you need a site that’s responsive and optimized for mobile. This is especially important for capturing the attention of local markets that are crucial to your success. At A2 Services, we understand the value of mobile optimization and know how to enhance the user experience through expert design that’s compatible with multiple types of devices.

Designs that Generate Leads

There’s a lot that can be done to drive traffic to your small business website. Digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization and social media are meant to increase traffic to your site. However, before any of this can work you need website development that turns your site into a lead generation tool.

We have the team of professional website developers that know how to generate high quality leads with the latest design trends, UX principles, SEO and other key elements of compelling websites. Our high-quality web design elevates your brand’s image and authority through intuitive design, strategic call to actions, trust elements and an eye for modern design that can’t be matched by other design teams.

Landing Pages

As a small or medium sized business, we know you already have your hands full. While you’re taking care of cultivating customer relationship on your end, let us help lead customers to you through landing pages that serve as a conversation starter and introduction to your business.

A landing page is different from your homepage and the other pages of your website. It’s a page with a specific purpose of introducing visitors to a specific offer or sparking their interest with the goal of capturing their information and directing them to the path of conversion. Many small businesses are missing out on the potential of spectacular landing pages for taking their growth to the next level.

What you need is a website design company with the knowledge, experience and intuition to know how to captivate an audience with professionally designed landing pages. We know that creating successful landing pages is a combination of art and science.

For example, anyone might be able to tell you that including video on a landing page increases conversions by as much as 86%, but only a team that’s skilled in successful landing page creation knows how to optimize that video for even more success. Let us show you how it’s done.

Powerful Call to Actions

Every website should have a call to action, or CTA. A call to action is a request to act, and it tells the user exactly what you want them to do. When done correctly, a CTA is the first step in the journey to customer loyalty.

You’ve probably seen them hundreds, if not thousands of times. Those little boxes that you click on to sign up for an offer request more information. Now that you think about it, you realize they’re everywhere, but how many of them go unnoticed because we’ve become immune to their presence?

Strong website design includes powerful CTAs that grab attention, encourage action and do it all without being salesy or pushy. In fact, the strongest CTAs immediately convey the value and need in as few words as possible.

CTAs that gets results are equal part design and consumer psychology. At A2 Services, we understand how the two interconnect and we’re able to provide impressive results with powerful call to actions.

Professional Web Design Experts

This is only the beginning of what makes a successful website for small and medium sized businesses. The task of building professional websites is complex and nuanced. We’re the team of expert web designers that can create a site that builds your brand in the digital world. It’s time to invest in a website that’s worthy of your name. Contact A2 services today to learn more about what we can do for you.